Nowhere To Hide

by extremum

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released March 15, 2016



all rights reserved


extremum Sofia, Bulgaria

Extremum combines a modern beat, with a powerful sound and the melody of alternative rock. Their style is a combination of different musical influences along with their own ideas. Their lyrics are inspired by Biblical message, expressing their faith in Jesus Christ. ... more

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Track Name: Crossroad

Lyrics by Albena Makarova

And here it is - the wretched crossroad
I have to make the choice to grow
my way, Your way, the thorns, the roses
whatever comes, or just the easy show
Show must go on, we want it to go our way
to bend the rules, to tell You what we need

But in the end You have the big say
we act in love, then sow a wicked seed…

Sin has a price, the game is fierce
what goes around, then comes around
rules have been set, Your hands were pierced
things are quite clear, little to confound

Like childish freaks we cling to what is easy
we hate the sweat, the agony of fight
we take our drugs, they make us dizzy
unable to stand up for what is right

Deep down inside we long to be courageous
to have a creed, to play the unfair game
to die for self, to be contagious
to circumcise our hearts in Your name
Track Name: Hear My Cry

Lyrics by Ludmila Nedyalkova

Hear my cry deep inside, from the place I`ve fallen
Calling Your Name from the depth of my soul
Oh, You are - so close
You`re the only Friend I`ve known that`s never let me down
You`re the comfort of my soul
You`re the only One I know

I know You`re mine
Forever no matter what`s happened to me
I love the smile on Your face
I love Your heart, full of goodness

Hear my woe from a broken soul
There`s no reason to worry
I realize that You loved me so
And I hear You coming
You`re the only One I know
That makes my day so bright
You`re the Lover of my Soul
You`re the only One I know

I know I am Yours
Forever You paid on the cross for me
I know You`re mine
I know You can shutter the chains
/Of the Yoke on my life/
Track Name: My Secret Place

Lyrics by Anthony L. Ramos

All my life I’ve searched for You
But now I really know
You’ve been waiting patiently for me to say-
You’re my strength and my rock,
My times are in Your hand!
You’ve been waiting patiently for me to say- I love You so!

I want to walk with You, I’m terrified of what
I don’t know, I don’t know.
I’m gonna take Your hand, it is the only deep, secret place.
I want to be with You, You’ve been so good to me
All my days, all my days!
I’m gonna take The hand,
No place I’d rather be than at Your side!

All my life I’ve searched for You
But now I really know
You’ve been waiting patiently for me to say
You are my delight and my light
You’ve been waiting patiently for me to say- I love You so
Track Name: The Seeds Of Love

I’m so overwhelmed,
uneasy thoughts seize my mind, my troubled mind
The seeds of this world reaching towards me,
but they won’t hold me

I’ve found the Way, there’s no turning back
You are my song – I’m set on You
Words fail to describe what’s in my heart
I choose to sow the seeds of Love

Each day I pray to love not to hate, to give not to take
Your freedom I crave, all else is lies –
the seeds of the dark prince

You have broken all the chains
And I’ll no longer be a slave
You will always be my hope
And I will never be alone
For You are Love!

The seeds of love changing me inside
The seeds of love bringing me to life
Track Name: Winter

I am standing all alone out in the cold, but I feel warm
And the winter wind is slowly bringing me down
My roots are hidden deep within the ground-
My conviction’s strong
Though the seasons change I know I’ll never be moved

I will live this life, I don’t wanna waste my time anymore
I will never stop running towards the goal
I will fly on high never losing sight of what is to come
And I will believe this is/You are/ my destiny

Just a distant thought
I have to struggle to hold
Disillusion crawls
Darkness closes in and fear is numbing my soul
Worry comes in and wants to take all control
But my faith is strong
Though the seasons change I know that I’ll never fail

The winter cold is gone
And I surrender all
Still my troubled mind
Your gentle wind brings life
Track Name: A Light

Far, far away from me I see a light
Far, so far away from me it glimmers in the dark

And I know I will fight
All I crave now is that light

So I run and I leave everything behind
Never felt anything like this need to find you before
And I run, grasping for air but I don’t wanna stop
Cause I know nothing else matters now

And I saw my dreams crushed and trampled down
The world it tries to hold me back, I won’t look back

When I drew near I became undone
And all my fears were gone
And I was made whole
Accepted by the One I love
Protected by His power
And now I rest in His grace
Track Name: Come To Me

Lyrics by Anthony L. Ramos

Come to me, and you will see
that I’ll love you, for eternity
When you’re lost, and feeling down
just call to me, I’ll be around

When friends have left, you on your own,
cry out to me, I’ll lead you home

Come to me, and you will see
that I’ll love you, for eternity
I have come, to let you see,
I’ll break those chains, to set you free!
Track Name: The Darkness Within

I wake up to the cold lying in an empty room
Loneliness is my best friend – there’s nothing standing in my way
Pushing everyone away, hiding in a perfect lie
No one really hears my cry but inside I want to break out

I cry out to You over and over again
I know You hear me
You’re always beside me
You broke the darkness within me
You took all my pain
Because of You now my world is changed

I’m tired of fighting on my own, every time I hit the wall
Searching everywhere to find just a little peace of mind
Looking for the One who knows how to save me from my thoughts
All that’s left for me is to decide and surrender all I am to You

Save me from the darkness in my mind I pray
All I want is to be free and whole again
You alone can mend me, You alone can save me!
You can make me new!
Track Name: Nowhere To Hide

I cannot escape Your deep presence
I cannot hide my face from Your eyes
Where shall I go when You only have
living words for me!

What can I do to disappear
from Your presence my Love
Where can I escape from You
Where to hide from You
even if I step aside
You are always near

Even if I sin I will not give in
‘cause You are always near
You are always ready to hear
Nowhere I can hide You are always there
Speaking words of life!

Thank You Lord
for me You gave Your life!
Track Name: Disco Song

Lyrics by Ludmila Nedyalkova

You are the One that’s there for me
When life gets tough and I can’t find myself
The way you lead me is so much higher than my way
The Name you have is much more worthy than my name
And I am so excited to know.

I wanna sing of Your love and mercy
You are the Father that I can call my own
I wanna sing of your loving-kindness
You realize how great all that’s to me

My life has never been so good
Now I can call myself redeemed
You’re the One that`s watching over me
You`re the One Who died on the Cross for me
I am so excited to see.

You are the One!
You came and made my life complete
You’re the One that ever Lives, that ever blesses me!
You`re Alive and I can always call Your name
Your name is much more worthy than mine!

I wanna sing of Your love and mercy
You are the Father that I can call my own
I wanna sing of your loving-kindness
You are the One that never lets me down

I cry out, cry out to You and everything You say is truth
I cry out, cry out to You and You called my spirit to Life
Track Name: You Save Me

Imprisoned by my rebel ways
but You saved me, saved me
A slave to my untamed desires
but You saved me, saved me

And now I’m found in You,
Your grace and Your truth
You hold my life
And now I am free
To live the life You give
No longer a slave
For I know who I am in You ... o – o – o
I’ll never be alone
I’m strong because I’m in Your hand ... o-o-o
You are enough for me!

Trapped in fear with no way out
but You saved me, saved me
Deceived by lies, bound by spite
but You saved me, saved me